Lately a Kickstarter campaign is gone viral in the internet and which is Hello Ruby, by Linda Liukas. The Hello Ruby Project is one of the successful project funded in Kickstarter and more on it has reached it’s funding just in a day.

The things I’ve learned form Hello Ruby kickstarted campaigns are;

  • Linda Liukas was trying to market hello ruby project before it was launched. They've been talking and presenting about teaching programming for kids.
  • Her gorgeous look and bubbly way of talking
  • They've been applying her personal experience and why the kids shouldn't have an easy way to learn programming.
  • Minimal and sleek approach in the campaign and many more...

Overall it gave me an idea how to create a best campaign or marketing and execution it  in a simple and successful manner.

Congrats Linda Liukas. You’ve just done a great job.