After getting to know the Telenor Group was part of Opera Browser (Got to know via Wiki), I thought of installing it after a while (during 2006 opera was been my primary choice of browser). The installation wizard to UX and UI of Opera is remain same, didn’t find much of differences but as a Software Engineer mainly working on web technology straight away jumped in to the developer toolbar option using the Inspect element and was surprised.

I was seeing the Google Developer tools in Opera, was little surprised then started go in to the about section and it was a real shock. Opera is now using the branch of Chromium and building on top of it. The interesting thing is now no more developers has to write code (specifically CSS) for opera, because now Opera is powered by Web-kit, which is a life saving for most of the developers.

What do you reckon? read more about opera’s switch to Chromium on Opera’s official forum