I am Yoosuf, a Software engineer, particularly passionate about web standards, semantics and accessibility, and I enjoy writing clean, efficient and effective code. I am living in London, United Kingdom. I have worked for number of small and large companies around the globe since year 2007.

Design and back-end development are essential for the web, but the exciting area where they meet is front-end development. As a front-end developer, I get to take a design – something that’s beautiful but static – and turn it into an interface, where its components become tools for unique experiences on the web.

So much is at stake in this stage! The best design can be mangled in the hands of someone uninterested or unwilling to juggle the complexities of cross-browser differences. The best deployment can cause problems down the road if someone didn’t build it to be reusable and adaptable. But a great front-end developer brings designs to the fullness of their intention and sets up a webpage to be flexible and successful years into the future.

Want to hire me?

I have limited availability but don’t hesitate to get in touch.