It’s being a year or so, I am playing around with a semi professional DSLR (Nikon D7000) Camera and exploring the photography and learning new way to capture photographs each day. The photography has become actually my second passion after my work what I do. Each time when I learn and get great shots I do really enjoy and getting great positive feedback from my friends and family.

Following are some of my great shots, also a photography portfolio to come on this website very soon. Please let me know your thoughts.

my previous iPhone photography post.

The Buddha - Captured during the Vesak (Buddha's Birthday) 2013

The Bar, Kingsbury Hotel - Sri Lanka.

Loneliness is killing everyone - A glass of water stays alone.

A Man mixing sugar for coffee - Java Lunge, Sri Lanka

Selection of fruits - Eden Resorts and Spa, Sri Lanka.

Poolside view - Eden Resorts and Spa, Sri Lanka.

A rail bridge - connects the southern and western province, Sri Lanka.

The full moon captured trough a branch.

The lamp - Captured during a wedding.

The Bridge - Connects the Western and Southern province, Sri Lanka.

Chickpeas - Sri Lanka.