Yoosuf Mo

Who am I and what I do?

I’m Yoosuf Mo, yoosuf @eyoosuf on twitter and elsewhere, and I’m a web developer and geek?. I’ve been doing a web development for small and big companies, also I do web designing with black and white color scheme. now a days i am working with two personal side projects and I do contracting and freelancing to put food in my plate.

What hardware do I use?

I am a Apple Fan boy, all though I was using the Windows for more than ten years and used the  Linux (Ubuntu) for two plus year. Since 2012 I’ve been using Apple Mac for work and personal use. I am using an iPhone 4 since year 2011 and loving it.

What software do I use?

I am a big fan of using various software’s, if you see my applications directory you will see a lot of software’s. since I am a web developer I do use some of the famous graphic editors such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Fireworks, and Adobe Illustrator.

Additionally for development proposes I do use the Sublime Text 3 and Textmate 3 and some additional IDES such as Aptana Studio 3, Eclipse and many more, but most of the time i do stick with the Sublime Text 3.

I am pretty much using all sorts of Version control systems, but I prefer the GIT then SVN. I do Cyberduck (when i am working with traditional clients) to upload and download files. Additionally I do use the Source Tree a GUI interface for working with GIT SCM.

For entertainment purpose i do use the Spottify, Quick time, VLC Player, additionally I use Vimeo and Youtube for watching entertainment videos and stuff. Once is a while I do use the iTunes for backing up and restoring my iPhone.

in my phone I use lots of applications, Twitter Facebook, Instagram  Camera Plus, Camera Plus pro and so much more.  Additionally i do maintain my todo tasks on Things (I personally love it) than that i use Spottify on the go, personally i feel it is an innovative software app :) .


I do love Ruby on Rails, but i haven’t work with any clients with Ruby on Rails, although I have worked with many PHP projects,  but recently didn’t get a chance to work with the latest PHP frameworks, I may need to catchup with them very soon.


I am a public transport user, pretty much using the London Underground service and once in a while using the Train service. If I am bored of walking I do use the London bus service.